Membership prices for 2023-2024 season


Membership Type Description Annual £ Per Session £ 
Individuals All Club Members £180 N/A
  Students (University/college) £65 N/A
  Non-Track Members £67 £4
  Over 60’s Members £80 N/A
  Second Claim Members
(Full time training at Burton AC)
£163 N/A
  Second Claim Members  £50 £4
  Club Official
(Coach, Committee, Official, Other)
£50 N/A
Family Members  1st and 2nd Members Full Price as above.
Third member free. 


All Membership Fees are due on the 1st April each year. You will receive an email from England Athletics regarding your membership renewal, enabling you to pay online.

We understand that these fees may be difficult for some members to pay upfront. If you cannot pay the membership in full at the time of request, please let us know and we can discuss a mutually appropriate payment plan with you.

Those volunteering to support the clubf you Volunteer for a club role your membership will be reduced to just £50 for the year. For those who volunteer but do not compete, you can pass this saving onto your child or Family Member. If you’re a competing First Claim member, volunteering your time to support the club in another capacity could save you £80 this year – if you’re interested, please contact members of the committee to see how you can help. 

Please note – all memberships except for the 2nd Claim options include the compulsory £17 England Athletics Affiliation fee. This payment is made direct to England Athletics from your membership payment and allows the athlete to compete in athletic events in the UK.