We are always looking to find ways to raise money for our club which will help us move the club forward in so many ways. Easyfundraising is a great way for us to do this just by doing the things we do on a daily basis like browsing the internet and shopping online.

Do you regularly make online purchases for Food, Clothes, cd’s, books, music, Holidays ,Car Insurance e.t.c? You could be raising free funds for our club while you shop – all taken care of by easyfundraising.
It’s free, simple and there really is no catch. It won’t cost you a penny extra, and you could be helping us pay for new equipment, extra coaches, travel costs, new kit and many other items for our club. Each time you shop online with over 2,700 retailers, easyfundraising donate a little bit of what you spend to our club. This raises between £3000-£6000 per year for most causes. You can support us here on : http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/burtonac
Dont shop online but do browse the internet? you too could help raise money for our club with easysearch. Use easysearch and they will donate half a penny to Burton Athletics Club for every search you make. It doesnt sound alot but over the year based on an average persons internet usage it could raise us upto £45 per person per year. Please use this link in as your internet homepage and let easysearch do the rest:  http://burtonac.easysearch.org.uk/


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Use easysearch every time you search the web and we’ll give 50% of the fees paid by our advertising sponsors to Burton Athletics Club.

Thankyou for your help and support.